WRMC has been in the Community known as the University District since the fall of 2010. Since the spring of 2011, the following actual Community services have been provided.

  • After School Enrichment program
  • Summer School Enrichment program that includes providing employment for youth and young adults, educational tutoring and enhancements with breakfast, lunch and a snack, city field trips both educational and entertainment (sports and arts)
  • Three Community fun days held annually, including old fashioned games for the brave and young at heart, music; and for the children: bouncers, clown, face painting, free food, free clothing…etc., for teenagers: streetball (on the side street) and foot races
  • Winter Coats and accessories for children
  • Socks, gloves and mitten warmers for homeless and children
  • Sandwich and Microwaveable Food and personal care packages for students at Mary Grove College
  • Full Christmas dinner boxes to 15 families
  • Free Gospel Musical Concerts with representatives from action committees, providing information and assistance with youth and young adult health issues, bullying, violence…etc.


  1. Motor City Make Over; partnership with Resource Community Development which provided tools to clean lots.
  2. Arise Detroit Community event, sponsored by Arise Detroit, DTE & Safelink
  3. Fall Community event with Harbor Health, Weight Watchers, Matrix Human Services, the youth
  4. In the current Partnership with and have 2 active Advisory boards member at Thurgood Marshall Elementary / Middle School(since 2013) a neighborhood school. We are assisting in providing books for the Library, as well as extra writing materials
  5. Assisted the School with passing out Hygiene Packages and Thanksgiving Baskets for Veterans
  6. Gave away 100 Full Christmas Dinner boxes to families by connecting with seven (7) Churches in different but close neighborhoods to help get them out
  7. Volunteered with the City of Detroit District #2 to pass out supplies for the Motor City makeover
  8. Block Club active members
  9. Neighborhood Services & Association




  1. To create a safe, clean entertaining environment in the vacant lots and associated properties on Puritan Avenue in and/or surrounding the Muirland Parkside blocks of the University District Community in which WRMC is assigned.
  2. To assist in revitalizing the neighborhood through the connectional means provided via city as well as community partnerships.
  3. To give “major” attention to the needs of families, children and youth whereas food, shelter, safety, safe & clean entertainment, educational tutoring, employment training essentials…etc.; are of vast and major concern.
  4. Family style Play, exercise, meet/greet and Community entertainment for Children, Youth, Adults from singles to family households to meet and enjoy


The Vision has now expanded very quickly to provide a “…Whole Man…” approach to the Ministry. We will create a Pocket Park and Garden that all residents can enjoy. The overall Mission of this organization is to positively affect "Family" values in as many ways possible, from the youngest to the eldest. Upon capturing the attention of the “many” children & youth that reside within, the environment for the family will be enhanced greatly.

This kind of Park will be an asset in several ways, beginning with the drawing power of child and youth activities. Play is inherently naturally active. As a result, the element of bodily exercise is a quantitative property already embedded in Playful activities. One such activity being “exercise” presented in a different light – “PLAY”!

Since the Pocket Park is a neighborhood location, the children will mostly have to "walk" too; once there, they will meet others & form alliances with each other for a main common goal: Play!

Running, jumping, crawling, throwing, catching, dodging...etc., all together align with the Vision and Mission of WRMC:

"...commissioned to publicly express through lifestyle and behavior that our personal relationship with GOD is shown in all areas of our lives, inclusive of family, church, work, and COMMUNITY...".

This not a plea to the religious alliance, however, it “is” a plea to productive participation in the betterment of oneself and infectiously effecting the lives of others around us – THE COMMUNITY.


How does incorporating more opportunities for play support the “Greater Mission” of WRMC?

The community has a large population of households where children have little or nothing to do after School. In addition, once outside, there is nowhere for miles around, to play games together, other than their busy residential streets. This is true of children and teenagers, who are often playing basketball and other contact sports in the streets in front of their homes.

This creates an infectious climate 4 mischiefs; as there are many illegal alternatives available 2 entice them. This is a well-known fact, from our very own experience from families within our own organization, since many of our own constituents are products of the same environment. Very often, with no other alternatives available to productively "past time", it becomes easy to accept the alternatives: gangs, drugs, prostitution, thievery...etc. WRMC, having a high percentage of children, Youth & Young adults from its inception, has been right in the trenches dealing with those who had become a product of that COMMUNITY lifestyle!

Part of our "greater" mission is to lead the younger generation down a pathway to better life alternatives that will ultimately lend them to become more productive members of society. Hopefully, within their own neighborhoods!

Play is a part of the equation as a resourceful learning process because it's what children understand. However, "Play" isn't just a mere "operative" term but also an instructive term that can be employed to teach one civil as well as communicative skills. As 1 child learns to deal with another's behavior, they ultimately learn how to adjust their own! Therefore Play has "now" become much more than a "jovial" experience or tool, but a learning & character shaping experience as well.

As a family oriented place, the park will also draw teenagers to play Basketball, adults will be able to enjoy the sun in the Summer, experience the refreshing effects and colors of fall, walk or jog along a path around the park or simply sit and read, play with their children or a simple card game, make new friends and enjoy their neighbors; as well as the Community events WRMC sponsors throughout the year.

Since WRMC, is an organization with the mission that employs a "From the ground up - to - a hand up '.Pulling them out of the fire'...to life..." concept; PLAY is used as a powerful tool, keeping the attention that's an innate quality of a craft that needs no altering.

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We exist to reach people far from God and lead them to an authentic relationship with Jesus.

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