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Bishop Dora Scott

Dr. Dora R. Scott is a native of Detroit, Michigan and known as a Woman that represents GOD well in her service, character and social living. Brought up in the admonition of Holy living, and practically raised in the Church, Dr. Scott lives her life by the standards and concepts of the Holy Bible, which is the WORD of the living GOD. However, she will be the first to warn those she serves that she is still yet striving and pressing toward the mark of the higher call of perfection in CHRIST JESUS.

img_1928.pngShe is an excelling graduate of the Detroit Public school system and has received higher educational degrees in both secular and Religious fields of study. After receiving a dual undergraduate degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Dr. Scott went and received additional education which earned her the Master of Divinity – M. Div., the Doctor of Theology – D.Th and her accumulative life works have earned her Honorary Master of Theology and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity.

As a mentor and lover of young people Dr. Scott has been instrumental in the growth and encouragement of at risk youth, young men in particular and as such founded the organization Project Tyme. This organization exists to assist delinquent youth in becoming assets to the local community, as well as society as a whole.

A believer in a “whole man” approach to Ministry, She gives a hand out in loving, caring, sharing and understanding of the pressures and perils of life. Her renown stance as “Champion of the Underdog” has been experienced by many, as she picks up, loves and nurtures unapologetically and without condition those whom have been seemingly left behind.

As an avid advocate of Holy living, Dr. Scott has served in several roles in the Church. Her simple and direct style of Ministering reaches all generations, from the youngest to the eldest. Therefore in obedience to the LORD, Pastor Scott answered the call to begin a Ministry of restoration and reconciliation, resulting in the birth of Word Restoration Ministries.

As a faithful servant, Pastor has reached out to and assistant many Ministers, Evangelists and Pastors. As such, Bishop Scott has been charged to do as she has always done; that is, to sow, establish and re-establish, restore, protect and train in the Kingdom of GOD as she is so led.

Bishop Scott has the testimony of miraculous healing, not once but twice, from death’s door! Pronounced dead on arrival, from the complications of Pulmonary Embolisms, she has experienced first hand the miraculous power of GOD’S healing that is able restore and literally brings back to life what once was dead. Dr. Scott’s medical profile continues to baffle doctors HOWEVER, Bishop Scott is unhesitant in reminding them that she is the servant of the GOD who created life, whose power is SUPERNATURAL, which therefore cancels out any negative, natural or unnatural activity and that it is written: “

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.” Psalm 118:17

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